It is just a beginning…

A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and
touches a heart

So as my first week become a teacher in an International School was a very exciting. I really want become a teacher since I was kid. To reach at this level was not an easy things. Many challenges need to be face first as the experiences to reach at higher level.

Some people might ask – Why choose International? I choose an international school as my first experience after graduating is because I want to go deeper into the education itself. A teacher is not only to teach, but also an educator.

What is inside the education that beyond my current knowledge? – That is what I want to find out so my knowledge is not end yet. I am a fresh gradute and always willing to be someone on someday and definitely as a Teacher. I want to see the all angle of education and knowing the students at all different level of attitudes, performance and even in their backgrounds. What is the difference of the education inside and outside the country? What is happening? – These questions are always inside my head as far as I learn about education.

Many things to share as my journey is beginning.

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