The challenge…

My knowledge getting strong on what the curriculum is. It is not an easy things to understand the new thing in short time. For me, I need more time to adapt myself into this new education curriculum. I am starts taking over the classes as instructed by my own mentor. She gives me opportunity to be familiar with the class and students since I will be observe with MYP coordinator soon.

I have enter the CPD session and learning about the type of inquiry which are having four types and there are structured, controlled, guided and free inquiry. For the structured inquiry, the teacher and students are engage together. All the students will gain their understanding of the same essential question, using the same resources. In structured of learning, teacher who the one control the learning with the aim to help the students strenghten their understanding. Next inquiry is controlled inquiry. This type of inquiry is not much different with the structured inquiry. In controlled inquiry, teacher is still control the learning but the resources is given or decided by the teacher. The students may use the resources in answering the question. Guided inquiry is the students are given more independent where the teacher only choose the topic and the students will explore by themselves. The students will design their product by themselves and this will happen during doing their project paper. Last but not least is free inquiry. In this type of inquiry, the students are given freedom in chosen the topic and also the product. All of these types of inquiry will be having its own challenge where we the teachers will identify during the lesson.

This week is the week where I designed the lesson plan for G10 students where I am so interested doing it. Even though I am familiar with lesson plan but this time the lesson plan is unusual. I am just being ask to design 2 weeks for the start and will assist by other collegue in completing this lesson plan.

The induction is went so well. It is the platform to gain as much as knowledge about IB and this school. A few task is given to generate understanding about what have been briefed and manage to complete it.

(to be cont.)

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