Fifth week…

As we know, teacher is not only to teach, but also be able to complete certain task assigned by higher department in schools. For me, I already being assigned to write a lesson plan for two weeks (G10 students), head of event, unit plan and monthly/weekly duties. it is a good starting for me as a freshie. I wont get any knowledge if im not being assigned to anything.

Mentally always need to be ready. this week is a week where G9 students having midterm exam, meanwhile G7 and G8 are starts to submit their IDU assesment. all lessons are covered and they need to have revision lesson.

Every grades and quarter having one unit plan that design by the assigned teacher in order to complete it. as my induction task, I was ask to design one complete unit plan as a started for me to get familiar with every element in the unit plan. basically, unit plan are made up from inquiries, objectives, key concept, related concept, global contexts, what approach of teaching use, the content of the lesson and reflection for one particular topic of lesson in one quarter. the lesson plan are following the unit plan.

CCA stands for Co-Curriculum Activities, are held every Tuesday and Thursday. for me, I am involved in CCA on Tuesday. the activities and things cover in the CCA is first aid, CPR etc. it is handled by Mr Alladin, Ms Seema, Ms Sannthini and other teachers and I am assist the teachers. it is interesting activities where the students are exposed to the extra-cocurriculum.

For Hari Raya celebration, I was assigned as head of event and also performace. I am really excited to get involved in this event. based on my experience during studies, I was involved so many events for college and committee. I will do my best in handling event at schools. may everything will be going well and smoothly.


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